We have tried to create a wide range of social media content that is free to use for anyone that supports our cause. Hopefully the resources we share here will help make their work a little easier and working together we can spread awareness on a larger scale.
Free to use (creative commons 3.0)
Everything below is under creative commons. You may use it as you please. We especially hope that organisation working on drug reform policy will find some use for these images. If you are an organisation, blogger, journalist or anyone else that see some relevance in this to your own work feel free to use these images for whatever you want. You are free to put your logo on any pictures and promote them as your own without giving credits, but we do of course appreciate being credited by linking back to this site.
How to download and use the content?
1. Click on the picture you like to zoom in on it.
2. Right click on the image and choose the option 'Save Image as'
3. Post on your social media account

The images have 1080x1080 dimensions, which is a recommended size for the post and ads by Facebook. This dimension is also perfect for Instagram posts.
These images were intended as part of a campaign. Unfortunately the campaign was never launched properly, but we decided to post them here in case anyone want to use them for other projects. The images are not taken by us, but the modifications to them are done by us. The original images were released under creative commons 3.0 and the free right use applies to these edited versions as well.
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