An art project exploring how images, graphics and marketing techniques can be used to glorify or demonise different psychoactive substances in society.
Changing the perception of drugs
Governments all over the world have spent billions of dollars on demonising drugs. Over the last decades this has shaped the publics perception of drugs. Most people have a general opinion of these things being inherently bad without actually understanding or caring about the underlaying mechanisms.

By criminalising millions of people for non-violent crimes it comes off as a really scary example of how effective propaganda can be.

In this art project we try to take a look at how the visual presentation of drugs can shift peoples perception of drugs hopefully removing some of the stigma and giving people a chance to reflect on their own feelings towards this subject.

The legal drug pushers
Here we dive into the history of drug advertising to take a look at some of the techniques used to market and sell drugs. The main focus is on amphetamine with its interesting duality of being promoted as a medication and demonised as a drug simultaneously .
Free content to help the work towards more humane drug policies.
Here we have made a collection of content for social media. Wether you are an organisation working towards this or and individual you are free to use any of this content freely under Creative Commons 3.0. Hopefully these resources can facilitate spreading awareness on a larger scale.
Community and politics
Support our campaign
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