Does the visual presentation of drugs define peoples perception of them?
The goal of this art project is expanding knowledge and understanding on this as well as reducing stigma and giving people a chance to reflect on their own feelings towards this subject.
A new perspective
The whole project started as an experiment to portray drugs in a non traditional manner. The goal was not to make a realistic presentation, but a stark contrast to the cliché propaganda pictures that have dominated mainstream perception.
Database of images
How to legally sell drugs
Governments all over the world have spent billions of dollars on demonising drugs. To understand how this work we took drugs that is currently legal and attempt to visually demonise them in a similar way.
Pharmaceutical marketing
Some help moving towards more humane drug policies
Graphics and social media posts. If you are an organisation working towards something relevant feel free to use and edit this content.
Resources and graphics
How do criminalization and fear of punishment affect people who use drugs?


#Decriminalize is a campaign we did together with Safer Drug Policies and several other Norwegian organizations that support the ongoing decriminalization reform in Norway.

We are working towards a society where all drug users will be offered help and treatment rather than being criminally charged and stigmatised.
The campaign tells eight stories of how criminalization harms drug users, all based on true events.
Photographs by artist Pernille Sandberg and design by Alkemist.