End the war on drugs
Changing the perception of drugs
Governments all over the world have spent billions of dollars on demonising drugs. Sometimes even go so far as fabricating research to back up their claims. It is impressive how effective this has been in changing the public perception of drugs. Most people have a general opinion of these things being inherently bad without actually understanding or caring about the underlaying mechanisms.

One might argue that this has been somewhat effective in scaring some people away from trying drugs, but when you look at the enormous consequences it has had on society by criminalising millions of high functioning, non-violent people it comes of as a really scary example on how effectively the people in power can change public perception through marketing and media.

The time has come to reverse this process. With the advances in technology and target advertising we can fight back the propaganda machine using psychographic profiling as our methodology.
Drug advertising
Here we explore different visual aesthetics and marketing techniques used in either promoting or demonising different psychoactive substances in our society. This is an attempt to show how advertisers can influence your opinion in many sneaky ways.
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Changing the publics perception of something like this requires huge amounts of resources. There are already organisations doing great work in terms of spreading awareness and coming up with alternatives to the mass incarceration and punishment of drug users. Hopefully the resources we share here will help make their work a little easier and working together we can spread awareness on a larger scale.
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Fighting the war on drugs with target marketing
With the advances in marketing technology and more specifically target advertising we can fight back the propaganda machine against drugs by effectively spreading information.

The biggest problem we face is the cost barrier of running an effective target marketing campaign on a large scale. Support the campaign so that we can continue to create and share content. With enough money we can launch a large scale target marketing campaign to really make an impact and end the war on drugs.
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