Find the Artefacts. Unlock its secrets.
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This first release will consist of 10 x 10 pieces minted on the Solana network. The first edition of each piece will be exclusively available through a physical object hidden around in Oslo, Norway. Click the dots to find the first hint.
The Artefacts
Edition of 10
2 Artefacts, 8 Digital
Edition of 10
2 Artefacts, 8 Digital
Artefacts is an NFT collection of artworks where some are connected to small physical objects hidden around Oslo, Norway (more cities to come later).

Each physical Artefact is uniquely crafted by hand and will contain a QR code with a link a long with a password to enter the page and get instructions on how to claim your NFT. Unlocking the NFT is free for the first to possess the physical Artefact

The owner may sell/trade both the digital and physical Artefact as they please, but only the first finder will be able to unlock the NFT.
What are Artefacts?
Moonbox is one of the hidden Artefacts. Handcrafted from leather and wood. Find it and open it to unlock the #1 Moon NFT
The first treasure hunt will unfortunately be limited to Oslo, Norway, but more cities will hopefully follow at a later point.

The physical Artefact is not needed to collect the digital Artefacts. The remaining 9 NFT's will be available for sale through the Solana network. More information on the release will come soon.

If you want the physical Artefact and live somewhere else it will also be possible to claim physical replicas them by collecting digital NFT's. Rules on this will follow as we get closer to release.
What if I live in another city?
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